GML Consulting

We love to wake up in the morning and inspire people to do the things, that inspired them. We help to reduce stress they face while taking decisions and guide to points, they are really need to focus on. Talking with clients, our persistent work and professional experience solves existing problems as well as giving options and opportunities to avoid conflicts in the future. We analyze your requirements and offers received from the yards, putting it on the table and show differences between the quotes for you to get the feeling about your drydocking budget. Honestly and truthfully, without doubts and influences assessing data helping to get your vessel back to service at agreed cost. We offer ship pre-docking inspection, preparation of docking specification, shipyards comparison and when you chose the yard we can assist during drydocking. Try us and you will return to us, because the long term relationship is even more fruitfully.
Drydocking spec

Preparation or guidance on drydocking specification for your vessels

Tenders comparison

Clear comparison on shipyard's received tenders for budgeting purposes

Drydocking execution

Acting on your behalf or assisting you as technical and commercial consultancy

Drydocking workshop

Live or online training to refresh all aspects drydocking related

We know, how properly prepare technical documentation in order to receive fully updated quotation from the yards and later being able to compare the offers between each other and pick the most attractive one.

How else can we support you? In many different ways. Browse our potential and make a use of our knowledge and contacts for everyone’s benefit.

In order to meet client requirement we have prepared custom made trainings for improving avardness of Superintendents about docking costs, potential risks involved and how to be prepared  for that exhausting period.

I know, that sounds impossible, but it is indeed something, you should consider. We offer completely free of charge information on how to save money on fuel supply. Look in savings section for more details.