Are you tired of contractor, that let you down again or you have a feeling being robbed? Most of you use the same companies over the last few years. We did the same in the past. It is easy, lazy and convinient. Not necessary willing to expand the search as staying in comfort zone keeps the business rolling. We put our ideas and expertise not only in our core business. Having a wide range of contacts in the shipping, offshore and yachting industry we can support you with optional quotation or, if you chose so, do the job for you. Dependless, if you want to purchase an equipment, fabricate structure made of steel or Aluminum, need a riding squad, workshop drawings, rope access, engine overhauling or helideck installation – we know the right people we can relay on. So can you. Anytime, anywhere in the world.

We are an email away. Toss us one and we support you.