Is it worth to pay extra for safety❓

I am not going to debate in here about how important it is to get the job done in a safe manner. Everyone will agree to that. No wonder, we all want return home healthy after drydocking, but rarely I see people willing to pay for that. You can of course push all the safety requirements costs onto contractor, but did you ever consider the repercussion? In order to fulfill your wishes for safe job execution yard or its subcontractor have to engage either manpower – safety inspectors, or do extra works – safety hand rails, or be equipped with special meters to check oxygen level in confined spaces. Those are the costs, that yard will try to recover charging you for works without specifying it, that is the safety issue. Ship repair is not charity and we know it. Assuming, you know the value of the work you may negotiate those points and if you achieve your goal, you reduce yard profit. Good job!👏 During your next drydocking slot in 5 years, you may experience, that due to limited profit shipyard did not develop a thing. Same equipment, same procedures, but already 5 years older…

Especially with #O&G projects, safety needs to be at highest standards. O&G companies specify safety standards they accept and are very rigid in execution. Do they care more than the others for people health? I hope that their reputation is not the only thing that drives them to do so. Speaking of which ➡ it is difficult to measure the lose of reputation the moment your clients realize you have chosen cheap yard without safety rules in place and something bad had happen.

What is your approach to safety standards❔ Do you follow them in the yard as you do within your organization❔ Do you prefer to have clearly listed safety related items, you are charged for, or prefer them being buried within long list of jobs❔ Interested to see your point of view.

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