Shore power or generator?

Have you ever wonder why in specification you ask for 440V/60Hz and shipyard offers you 380V/50Hz and what are the differences? 🤔

Firstly 440V/60Hz requires external generator or frequency converter, wheres 380V/50Hz is simple shore connection. Your sensitive electrical and navigation equipment may not like the change in frequency, but for motors, that mostly anyhow will be off due to repair period, it has lesser impact. Why didn’t you recieve price for 440V/60Hz connection at first? 🤔
It may be few reasons. Shipyard doesn’t have that generator or have troubles to hire is from outside. It is an expensive equipment hired on daily basis, that requires diesel to run. All that increases cost for drydocking and in order to lower down overall tendered prices it may be purposly omitted. On the other hand, shore connection is widely available and you get the kWh rate for consumed power.
👉Tip#1: if you want generator, specify required power (400A, 600A etc.) and ask for connection, fuel and refilling price. That should cover all costs.
👉Tip#2: in case you opt for shore power connection, make sure to have initial counter readings signed by the yard and your EO.

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