How to?

Have you ever wonder based on what, shipyards give you the quotation and delivery time? Surely the answer would be – based on experience. It is only partially true. There are multiple things coming into pictures, that have to be taken into consideration like material prices, labour cost, overhead cost, past experience with similar tasks, weather conditions, time of the year (vacation periods), overtime etc. To make it simpler, shipyards know their production capacities for a month and calculating costs based on labour man hours sold.

Every man hour of a production personnel has to cover project cost as well as overheads (management, cranes, gases, electricity, investments, security etc.). Material comes separately. Having that split, every job can be narrowed to two factors only – time (how many manhours are required for completion) and material.

Based on above standard tariff is being made, that contains unit rates for steel renewal, piping, valves, painting and electrical works. If your specification clearly state the job, it will be quoted properly, if not, you are to blame, that staging and cleaning was not included in steel works and finally the invoice is higher than the tender.

We help to avoid such miscommunication problems. Clearly prepared specification allows to compare shipyards tenders in more accurate way than usual. We support fair business. Let the best offer win and that will guarantee timely executed drydocking for you and less additional works for the yard.