Where do we see problems?

It happens many times in the past. Client comes prepared for scheduled docking. Specification and tender in place. Work starts. Once steel work has been identifed, class request to cut more. Work increases same as the bill.

Another example is valves overhauling. Nicely scheduled inspection of overboard valves. Shipyard does the job and finds wasted seats. Renewal increases budget. Not massively, but due to cost saving intermediate valves were not included and those do not operate during flooding. Time and energy wasted on undocking, which supposed to be only down to tightness check operation.

Those and more costly example could have beed avoided taking a bit more of time for preparation and work scheduling. We have done over 200 dockings with different type of ships and jack up rigs. Therefore we have the expertise in finding potential problems before it happens. Those to be easily avoided, same as tough invoice discussion at the end. We can give our feedback on every stage of your drydocking. It starts with specification preparation, follow up with approached shipyards, tenders comparison, budget preparation and assistance during drydocking. We keep it simple.

Offered solutions

We focus our time and energy on having relatively easy, prepared, timed and within budget docking. All the effort we can summarize in following blocks:

Drydocking specification

Preparation of the document being basis for yard’s quotation. We take your feedback as well as crew inputs and our experience and put those into one standardized form of yours or ours and break down the jobs into individual shipyard’s workshop activities in order to have full quotation from each and every shipyard. That helps in receiving lump sums from yards by clarifying the works and removing uncertainty.

Comparison of received tenders

Most critical work prior work order is to pick correct shipyard. Based on received tenders from the shipyards of your liking we prepare document for further negotiations and compare in tabular form every shipyard. We point out works, that require further negotiations and clarifications. Based on tenders and commercial terms and conditions, we give you the arguments for and against shipyards. Final decision is yours, but you are already armed with additional information.

Budget projection

We have that possibility to estimate final repair bill for the shipyard based on submitted tender. With experience we have, we can estimate it a way better than tender lump sum and you can prepare your Accounts Department for coming payment.

Drydocking training

Up to your liking, we prepare tailor made either face to face or online training for your team to refresh all aspects of the drydocking. Technical specification preparation, information about shipyards, analysis of your specifications and way to improve it, commerical aspects and many, many more in approx. 8 hours of training.

Drydocking execution

We act as support for technical superintendent and we overlook commercial aspect of the repair – jobs, estimated number of people working, commencement of the works, preparation of status reports etc. We can also take full drydocking from technical and commercial perspective on your behalf. Unless unaccounted major additional work will come, we should end up the docking within previously establish budget.

Working with subcontractors

There are some jobs that either shipyards doesn’t like to take or the quotation of their subcontractor is enormous high. We step up and find suitable, local contractor, that can execute the work within docking period and have permission from the yard.

Preparation of standard list of works

If you have only one type of ships and you visit only few yards, you can think of having standard list of works and related prices. That itself will allow you to keep cost for additional works under control.

Riding squads

Sometimes it is needed to have team working on the way either to prepare for docking or save time for repair or save money. We can help you in finding proper team for your needs.

We are open and transparent willing to adopt to your needs. Charges for our service are either hourly rates or lump sums for the jobs. Up to your liking.

Send us an email and let us support you in next drydocking.